Nyskyride.com Website Review & Ratings + NY Skyride Coupons
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Nyskyride.com Website Review & Ratings + NY Skyride Coupons

NY Skyride is a great tourist attraction located at The Empire State Building in New York. The virtual tour simulator is the only one of its kind in New York and provides a great way to see the amazing city!

NY Skyride, located on the second floor of the famous Empire State Building, is composed of a specially designed platform that moves in sync with an 18-foot high-definition screen! The 30-minute virtual tour is narrated by actor Kevin Bacon and takes viewers "flying" across the New York skyline. Viewers are treated to spectacular sights around the city of New York; nearly three dozen famous landmarks are seen during the NY Skyride adventure.

Over 10 million visitors have enjoyed NY Skyride since it began in 1995. Imagine seeing the entire city from its skyline, all from the comfort of a seat! That is possible, thanks to the flight simulation technology of NY Skyride.

The experience also includes two pre-shows. The first show, titled "I am New York", focuses on the history of the Empire State Building. The second show explains the attractions of New York for visitors and is called "Top 10 Things to do in New York".

Consumers are able to bundle the NY Skyride with access to the Empire State Building. The combo package offers visitors of the city the state-of-the-art ride, great views at the Empire State Building's Observatory, and the Fast Track program for faster access to the Observatory.

The website NY Skyride also provides New York visitors the opportunity purchase great tickets to:

NY Skyride: What makes it different?

NY Skyride is a unique attraction for many reasons:

  • Viewers see the entire city of New York in 30 minutes! For such a large city with many landmarks, this is quite the feat!
  • The only virtual tour simulator in New York. What a unique sightseeing adventure!
  • A great experience for the entire family. Children who meet the height requirement of 36 inches can enjoy the ride.
  • The purchase of the NY Skyride & Empire State Building Combo allows consumers privileged access to the Empire State Building. Consumers who purchase the combo ticket save up to 75% of the waiting time for the Building's Observation Deck as they are automatically part of the NY Skyride Fast Track Program! Fast Track lets consumers bypass the regular waiting line for the Observatory, which varies from 15 minutes to three hours depending on the season.
  • NY Skyride runs 365 days a year! The hours are 8am to 10pm daily, with hours curtailed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. Many other New York attractions have more restricted hours of operation.
  • There are no time and date reservations on the tickets bought through the website. While many competitors limit purchases to specific days and times, NY Skyride provides visitors the flexibility they may need during their New York trip. There is no need to make reservations. Tickets are good for one year.
  • The website includes additional information about New York for visitors. There are links to helpful articles about the top New York City attractions and sightseeing tips. Consumers benefit from the extra information!
NY Skyride vs. primary competitors (sites similar to NY Skyride)

Leading competitors to NY Skyride are City Experts NY, Go Airlink NYC and BestofNewYork. There are pros and cons of each website, in relations to NY Skyride:

Pros of City Experts NY are:

  • Use for booking shows, tours, dining and more. There are more activities to purchase at City Experts NY than at NY Skyride.
  • Help consumers plan transport and dining in NYC, in addition to entertainment options. NY Skyride focuses on entertainment-based activities for tourists.
  • Wider range of pricing, from an adult dinner at NYC's Grota Azzurra for $15 USD to a Spirit Dinner Cruise for $107 USD per adult.

Cons of City Experts NY are:

  • Does not provide tourists the one-of-a-kind virtual tour of NY Skyride!
  • Sells NY Skyride tickets at more expensive prices than buying online at NY Skyride (see details in pricing section below).
  • Consumers can purchase Empire State Building Observatory Tickets at City Experts NY but do not have the Fast Track option of NY Skyride to save time.

For Go Airlink NYC, the pros are:

  • Provides transportation anywhere in New York City. NY Skyride's virtual tour is located in one place.
  • People of any age can use the service. NY Skyride requires children be able to sit on their own in a seat to be able take the tour.
  • Consumers do not have to print vouchers purchased on Go Airlink NYC; they can show the driver their online confirmation code. NY Skyride consumers must print their ticket purchased online before reaching the Box Office.

Cons of Go Airlink NYC are:

  • Reservations from hotel to airport must be made. NY Skyride does not require reservations for single participants, only for groups.
  • Provide transportation rather than the exciting adventures of NY Skyride.
  • While travelling the city, likely more time is taken to see all of the sights contained within the succinct 30 minute NY Skyride virtual tour.

For BestofNewYork, the pros are:

  • Provides sightseeing passes to museums and dining experiences; NY Skyride does not provide these opportunities.
  • Attractions offered by BestofNewYork include Ripley's Believe It or Not! Times Square, a fun tour that explores unique items.
  • Sells tickets to hit Broadway Shows; NY Skyride does not sell these tickets.

The cons of BestofNewYork are:

  • The NY Skyride & Empire State Building Observatory Package sold at BestOfNewYork is currently more expensive than when purchased at NY Skyride.
  • Consumers of NY Skyride's virtual tour can see the entire city of New York in 30 minutes; the individual experiences sold at BestofNewYork together take significantly longer to see the large city.
  • Contains less information about the NY Skyride than does the official NY Skyride website.
NY Skyride: Pricing & packages

Tickets for the virtual tour are available at the NY Skyride Box Office or online at NY Skyride at cost savings.

Consumers who purchase NY Skyride tickets online are advised to print tickets out and bring them to the NY Skyride Box Office, located on the second floor of the Empire State Building.

Consumers can purchase either the Skyride Tour or the NY Skyride & Empire State Building Combo. Ticket prices are currently on sale for NY Skyride through the website! Current pricing for a single ticket is:

For NY Skyride:

For NY Skyride & Empire State Building Combo:

Also, consumers who purchase a New York Pass (2 Day or 3 Day) online with NY Skyride will save $5 USD. Save $10 USD with the purchase of a 7 Day New York Pass online using NY Skyride.

While City Experts NY does sell NY Skyride tickets, pricing is more expensive than purchasing at NY Skyride. Here are the differences:

Tickets are good for one year from the purchase date. Group reservations and industry rates are available to qualified and licensed operators. Schools, camps and groups are offered a special discount. Here is the example of lower pricing for a group of adults, per ticket:

NY Skyride: Product images & screenshots
NY Skyride Coupons
Get 20% Off Tickets @ NY Skyride
NY Skyride: Customer reviews & comments

Reviews of NY Skyride are available on the Web. Here is a sampling of the reviews:

Karen gives the attraction three out of five stars. She writes that she was "not impressed" (her words) with the attraction but did find the Fast Track reduced waiting time:

  • "I was not impressed with this attraction. It did cut a lot of wait time to get to the Empire State Building observation deck. Check out the normal lines & wait time before you purchase tickets for this."

Consumer oneterrenal enjoys the tour of NY Skyride and has been multiple times:

  • "I went 3 times and every time it gets better, even in the waiting for your group turn, which is like 5 to 8 min, you have all this tv screens with segment of comedy central made specialy for the visitors and you dont feel the time running... when you go inside is like you enter a space ship...  i am smiling right now because of the memory... is a great get away!!!!fun fun fun!!!"

Mo P. explains that the Empire State Building is the highlight rather than the NY Skyride:

  • "Skip this BUT definitely spend the extra money for the Empire State Building Express Pass - worth every penny to skip the lines if you only have a few days in NY."

Drew gives NY Skyride three out of five stars:

  • "I enjoyed this. Great for kids!!"
Best Available NY Skyride Coupon:
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I personally recommend the Double Decker Grayline tours. Add the boat trip and you will have filled your heart, mind and video camera with memories for a lifetime.Great article done well by you.

This sounds great Christy like to try it out one day

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Excellent work.

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Thanks Roberta for adding in your advice here, that will further help visitors to NYC. Thank-you Peter and Sibt-e-Hassan Raja for your positive comments!

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